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[Pref Icon]General Use

1534 - Command Line Arguments
Parameters to use with LOADER.EXE for trouble shooting
1530 - All About Icons
General information about NewDeal icons
1531 - Tips For Creating Icons
How to create NewDeal icons using Iconmake
1529 - Bindery Tips
Common questions and answers, wrapping graphics, bitmap fonts, and more
1532 - CD Player Database
How CD Player keeps track of titles and tracks
1533 - Hardware Information in SYSINFO
A note about interpreting a portion of the SYSINFO file
1506 - Copy From Help-file Secret
A little-known method for harvesting the content of a help file
1507 - Long Folder Names
About the @dirname.000 files in which NewDeal stores long subdirectory names and links
1510 - Screen Dumper Instructions
Tips for capturing what you see on your monitor
1501 - NewDeal Character Set
Which letters and symbols are used by NewDeal, and which ones work with Text File Editor?
1527 - TSR, Terminate and Stay Resident
TSRs are usually loaded in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
1509 - Document File Names
How NewDeal names its document files and tips for managing NewDeal documents from DOS or other software
1518 - Multitasking and Task Switching
What is the difference between multitasking and task switching?
1512 - Identifying Boot Sector or Diskette Problems
How to use the /log parameter to check for disk errors
1520 - Running NewDeal From a RAM Drive
Tips for running NewDeal quickly from your computer's memory
1516 - Left-Handed Mouse
How to change the configuration of the mouse buttons
1514 - Multitasking and Chewing Gum
An engineer's explanation of multitasking
1525 - NewDeal Terminology
Window, scroll bar, maximize, iconify, etc.
1513 - Solitaire Scoring and Poker Tunes
Scoring rules in Solitaire and those tunes that play when you win a hand of NewPoker
1528 - Icon Titles, Blue Links, and Tree View
How to control word wrap and the color of text under icons, and how to minimize window clutter in NewManager
1526 - The Trash Can
How to throw away files and recover deleted files
1521 - Presentation Slides Tip
One customer's experience with using NewDeal for a presentation
1508 - Document Files on Diskettes
Tips about storing documents on floppy disks
1503 - Commodore GEOS and NewDeal
How to convert Commodore GEOS documents to NewDeal format
1522 - Using Templates for Multiple Configurations
Save time by using templates to store settings you frequently need
1504 - Copy and Paste Limits
How much text can I copy at once, and what characters work with Text File Editor?
1517 - Math Equations
Tips for creating mathematics formulas in NewDeal
1505 - Copy and Paste from Windows 95 or 98
How to paste text from the Windows clipboard directly into NewDeal applications
1519 - Tips about NewDeal and OS/2
Using two configuration files, paste text from OS/2 into NewDeal, icons, mouse issues
1515 - Tips for the Visually Handicapped
If you or a friend have difficulty seeing the computer screen, try these tips from our friend Robin.
1502 - NewDeal and Children
Suggestions for encouraging your children to use NewDeal software
1511 - Express Menu and Running Apps Window
Use these features to quickly launch programs or switch among your running applications.
1500 - Dial Your Phone With NewDex
Let your computer dial your phone for you.
1524 - Designing Fill-in Forms
Use templates or NewFile to create forms for folks to complete on screen.
1523 - Template Placeholders
How do they make those double-click fields in templates?
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[NewWrite Icon]NewWrite

1911 - Column Tables in NewWrite
Simulate tables with the columns feature
1905 - Exporting a NewWrite File as a Graphic
Using print to file and external fax or graphics programs
1907 - Line Spacing and Manual Leading
Which feature should I use?
1925 - Creating fractions in NewWrite
Use super- and sub-script with the special fraction slash.
1908 - Dates in Mail Merge
This work around is no longer needed starting in Release 3
1901 - Semi-Automatic Table of Contents
Use the Help Editor to create TOCs that update automatically.
1903 - Conditional Mail Merge
One way to make 3 or 4 line labels
1916 - NewWrite Booklets
Designing and printing half page sized booklets
1927 - NewWrite page limit for pasting graphics
Starting with Release 3, you can paste graphics beyond page 24.
1926 - NewWrite Headers
How to create different headers for different pages or sections
1909 - Effective Master Pages
A trick for modifying elements of a document
1904 - Customize Your Default Document
Various ways to use Set Emtpy Document
1922 - NewWrite Export with Embedded Graphics
Using external fax and OCR software to export a file with graphics included.
1915 - Export Text from NewWrite
Plain text or ASCII documents
1914 - Watermarks in NewWrite
How to simulate a watermark for your documents
1924 - NewWrite, Formatting Imported Text
When I bring in a text file, the formatting looks wrong. Why?
1919 - Deleting Columns in NewWrite
Using NewCalc to help edit text from NewWrite
1928 - NewWrite Tabs and Indents
Setting tabs, indents, and margins
1917 - NewWrite Charts or Tables
Use columns or tab lines and paragraph borders
1923 - NewWrite Footnotes
Methods for managing footnotes
1929 - Wrap Text Around Graphics
Wrap text on both sides of a graphic.
1918 - NewWrite Paragraph Borders
Get started using paragraph borders
1921 - NewWrite Underlines Disappear
Why do my underscores disappear on screen?
1906 - NewWrite Text Frame Tips
Managing and modifying text region attributes
1910 - NewWrite Preformatting and Reformatting
Tips for quickly changing the appearance of your text
1902 - NewWrite Character Spacing Tips
Use character spacing for extended characters or special effects.
1912 - Using the Thesaurus in NewWrite
Did you know there is a thesaurus?
1920 - Adding Graphics to a NewWrite Document
Spice up your documents with graphics.
1913 - Customizing Tool Bars in NewWrite
Arrange the tools you want to use.
1900 - Insert Today's Date Automatically
Insert Special from the Edit menu
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[NewDraw Icon]NewDraw

1211 - Using Bitmaps and Scanned Images
Specifics about some image formats and general information about using bitmaps
1201 - Save Default Settings
Configure your tools and save the settings for next time
1210 - Text on a Curve
Ways to create curvy text
1200 - NewDraw and NewCalc for Plotting Airfoils
Model airplane hobbyists will like this tip.
1206 - Using NewDraw for CAD Work
Use guidelines to position objects exactly
1203 - NewDraw Tips, Line Ends, Spirals and More
Find the horizontal center, change line ends, draw spirals, etc.
1205 - Importing Large Graphics
Center imports on the page
1209 - NewDraw Scale and Position Tips
Move and size your graphics, resize proportionally
1202 - NewDraw Bitmap Tips
Export at the DPI you want, change resolutions, color black and white bitmaps
1204 - NewDraw, Avoiding Large Files
Elminate hidden data to make your files small
1207 - Grouping Objects in NewDraw or the Draw Layer
Work with several objects as if they were one object
1208 - Rotate in NewDraw
How to rotate objects to any angle
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[NewCalc Icon]NewCalc

1019 - NewCalc, Names and References
Using absolute and relative references when defining names
1018 - NewCalc, Averages
Tips for averaging lists of numbers
1016 - NewCalc, Copying Formulas
Tricks for duplicating formulas quickly in your spreadsheets
1017 - NewCalc, CL-14 Error Message
You must have data in some cells at the far right or bottom of your spreadsheet.
1014 - NewCalc Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts
How to navigate around your spreadsheet quickly
1200 - NewDraw and NewCalc for Plotting Airfoils
Model airplane hobbyists will like this tip.
1012 - NewCalc Locking Titles
New in Release 3! Keep your titles on screen while you scroll.
1005 - NewCalc, Find Your Place
Use Find as a bookmark work around.
1008 - NewCalc Overtime Values
Some tips for using a spreadsheet as payroll timesheet
1001 - NewCalc Cell Protection
How to make cells more difficult to select
1000 - Use NewCalc To Convert Case
Change text from lower case to capitals (upper case), etc.
1002 - NewCalc Chart Tips
Modify most of the elements of your charts
1007 - NewCalc Headers and Column Titles
Ways to line up your column titles in headers
1006 - NewCalc Frequencies, Headers, and Rotate Cells
Counting the number of occurances, using headers, mapping horizontal cells to vertical, etc.
1004 - NewCalc Display Codes
What do those codes with the hash marks mean?
1013 - Hiding Columns and Rows in NewCalc
How to make rows and columns invisible, but retain their data
1009 - NewCalc Printing Tips
Page breaks, graphics, and shortcuts
1010 - NewCalc Sorting Tips
Sort lists from your word processor, sort on any column
1011 - NewCalc Invoice Template Tips
How did they do that in the template?
1015 - NewCalc, Zero Column Width
Hide a column using a zero column width
1307 - Telephone Numbers in NewFile and NewCalc
Display telephone numbers with the desired format
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[NewFile Icon]NewFile

1303 - NewFile, Merge Two Databases
How to combine databases, or add an imported database to an existing database
1306 - NewFile Mailing Labels
Making mailing labels with one or two line addresses
1307 - Telephone Numbers in NewFile and NewCalc
Display telephone numbers with the desired format
1300 - NewFile Layout and Search Tips
Save and retrieve layouts and formulas
1302 - NewFile Combine Fields For Labels
Concatenate fields for your labels
1301 - Avoiding Data Loss in NewFile
Prevent corrupt files and keep your data safe
1304 - Numbered Records in NewFile
Records with sequential numbers
1305 - NewFile Label Tips
Multi-record mode and using multiple layouts
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[NewDex Icon]Personal Information Management (PIM)

1704 - NewDex Phone Field Name Limit
You can only have 40 unique phone field names
1703 - Multi-User Configuration
Use batch files to save multiple configurations
1702 - NewDex Mail Merge Tricks
Using titles or nicknames in mail merge documents
1701 - Desk Accessories Folder
Use the Desk Accessories folders for quick access to your frequently used tools.
1706 - NewPlanner, Print a Calendar
Tips for printing calendars of of various sizes
1707 - NewPlanner Tips
Change entry times, view calendar and events
1710 - NewPlanner To Do Reminders
Use an untimed daily repeating event for your todo list.
1709 - Text File Editor, Font Size
How to change the size of the text in Text File Editor
1711 - Tracking Time with NewPlanner or Solitaire
Use NewPlanner or Solitaire as clocks or timers
1700 - NewPlanner Alarm Tips
Checklist for setting alarms, tips about Reminder Precedes Event
1705 - NewDeal as a PIM
Tips for using NewDeal for Personal Information Management
1100 - NewComm, Dial A Number From NewDex
Use Copy and Paste to dial NewComm with a phone number from NewDex.
1708 - Using Scrapbook
Scrapbook is a flexible tool storing all kinds of data.
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[Font Icon]Fonts

1412 - Micrologic's Font Conversion Tools
About the font converters MI and MT from Micrologic
1400 - AllType Font Converter
About the AllType font converter program from Atech
1413 - Nimbus Font Converter
About the Nimbus Font Converter in Geoworks 1.x software
1403 - Converting Fonts, General Information
The basics of converting fonts to NewDeal format, including public domain fonts and Macintosh Type 1 fonts
1401 - Bitmap Fonts and Vector Fonts
How bitmap fonts and outline font technologies differ
1416 - Fun With System Fonts
Tips and tricks for playing with NewDeal's bitmap fonts
1408 - Maximum Number Of Fonts
How many fonts can I use?
1405 - Fonts and Document Transferability
What should I consider if want to share a file with someone else?
1406 - Fonts and Text Effects
Special effects you can perform with text in NewDeal
1414 - PostScript, Wrong or Missing Fonts
Why are fonts missing or different on my PostScript printer?
1415 - ZSoft Fonts and Public Domain Fonts
About the SoftFonts package that appeared on the Internet
1404 - Text Appears Cut Off
Why is my text cut off on screen or on paper?
1411 - The Origin of URW Roman Font
Where did URW Roman come from and why does it have those big serifs on the r character?
1402 - Fonts, Roman and Cranbrook
What are the subtle differences between Roman and Cranbrook?
1410 - Organizing Your Fonts
How one customer organizes his many font files
1409 - NewDeal Font Names
Are NewDeal fonts similar to fonts from other companies?
1407 - Font Names and ID Numbers
Changing font file names and font ID numbers
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[Printer Icon]Printing

1807 - White Lines or Squashed Characters
Problems caused by improper paper feed in dot matrix printers
1808 - Print Spooling in NewDeal
Can I turn off spooling? What is a single image model?
1806 - LPT ports, 7 5 BIOS or DOS
Which setting should I choose: DOS, BIOS, 7, or 5?
1804 - Text Only on Laser Printer
Text Only printing includes fonts and styles on HP compatibles.
1805 - Print to Netware under Windows 95
How to configure printing to a network printer when running NewDeal from Windows 95
1809 - Screen Savers and Printing
Printer interruptions and what to do about them
1801 - Printing Both Sides
Save trees by using both sides of your paper.
1800 - Printing, Scale To Fit
Why does it ask if I want to Scale to Fit?
1803 - Laser Printing Tips
Printing a full page with only 512K printer memory, printing booklet pages
1802 - Envelope Printing Tips
Making and using a template for envelopes
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[NewComm Icon]Telecommunications

1109 - NewComm Tips
A collection of suggestions, hints, questions and answers about using NewComm
1110 - Stay Connected While Taskswitching
Tell your modem to ignore DTR.
1107 - PCTools Commute and NewDeal
How to run NewDeal remotely using PCTool's Commute
1106 - PCAO at 14.4
Running the America Online client at 14.4 bps
1103 - NewComm and Unix
Tips for using NewComm as a Unix terminal
1104 - NewComm Scripts for Beginners
How to create a simple NewComm script
1101 - NewComm SEND Command
Tips for sending break characters, etc.
1108 - NewComm Capture and Script Hints
How to capture your NewComm session and make scripts
1102 - NewComm, ANSI, Color, Arrows, Termcap
About ANSI support in NewComm
1105 - Palm Connect and NewDeal
How to merge Palm Connect with NewDeal
1100 - NewComm, Dial A Number From NewDex
Use drag and drop to copy a number for dialing
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[Manager Icon]GEOS.INI

1627 - About GEOS.INI
General information about the GEOS.INI file
1621 - [system]
File System driver, Handles, Memory, system-wide settings
1623 - [ui]
User Interface settings, background, environment
1624 - [uiFeatures]
User Level and other settings that apply to all applications
1607 - [fileManager]
DOS Associations and other file management options
1620 - [spool]
Printer Control Panel
1614 - [parallel]
Printer port interrupt settings
1618 - [serial]
Communications port interrupt settings
1600 - [configure]
Help Editor, Scale to Fit dialog
1615 - [paths]
Merge directories, initialization files, and token databases
1601 - [expressMenuControl]
Appearance and contents of the Express menu
1604 - [input]
Keyboard and pointing device settings
1610 - [motifOptions]
Settings that affect the appearance and behavior of the specific user interface
1609 - [modem]
Speed, port, and other modem settings
1605 - [link]
Settings for the Connect feature
1608 - [math]
Math Co-processors
1619 - [sound]
Standard or SoundBlaster drivers
1606 - [email]
Adjustments to the email client
1612 - [NetLibrary]
Drivers used by the Connect feature
1613 - [paper]
Special paper sizes
1602 - [gfs]
Special network file system drivers
1611 - [mouse]
Drivers used by the mouse
1622 - [text]
Settings related to text
1616 - [printer]
Print drivers
1617 - [screen0]
Video display drivers
1625 - [keyboard]
Keyboard driver
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